Fired Cop Hijacks Bus to Get His Job Back

A cop who was fired in the Philipines over drug, robbery and extortion allegations has taken the drastic step of hijacking a tour bus filled with tourists from Hong Kong. Rolando Mendoza, who held the position of Senior Police Inspector, hijacked the bus in an attempt to be reinstated in the police force. The tour coach, which was carrying 20 passengers - mostly Chinese - was scheduled to return to Hong Kong this evening.

According to The Telegraph, Mendoza's brother, also a policeman, was one of the hostage negotiators and explained that Mendoza, along with four other policeman, were unfairly removed from the police force after a false allegation was registered by a hotel boss claiming the police officer attempted to blackmail him. According to his brother, Mendoza was "unjustly removed from service. There was no due process, no hearing, no complaint". According to reports, only six of the hostages survived, and Mendoza was shot and killed after using hostages as shields in the final moments.