FarmVille Prohibition! Farm game's virtual winery banned from making wine

farmville prohibition
farmville prohibition

Update (4 p.m.):FarmVille Prohibition will only apply to certain players; read more details here.

In the United States, Prohibition ended 1933, but it looks like it's just getting started in FarmVille. Zynga has pulled alcoholic beverages from the game, because they don't want "to promote alcohol consumption among the underage," says a customer service rep.

"Recently, FarmVille decided to change the products that are produced in the Winery Cottage. The change was from alcoholic products to, well, Non-alcoholic beverages. The reason behind this change is that since FarmVille is a game, we have a lot of underage players. In connection with this, FarmVille does not want to promote alcohol consumption among the underage."

So, if you decided to place a winery crafting building on your farm, your days of being able to produce virtual bottles of sake, wine and white sangria may soon be coming to an end. Some players have already noticed that their wineries have started pumping out fruit-based alternatives instead, such as Rich Grape Juice and White Grape Cooler.

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