Cloud Computing Ranks High on Fujitsu's M&A Shopping List

Fujitsu (FJTSY) wants to shop til it drops. It aims to snap up companies that can ramp up its growth, with cloud computing ranking high on its list, according to a Bloomberg report. In addition to cloud computing, Fujitsu's president also noted the company is eyeing middleware companies on its M&A list.

Fujitsu apparently wants to enhance its technology offerings with acquisitions, as well as expand its existing customer base, according to the report. It's not quiet clear whether Fujitsu's desire to add technologies that it doesn't already have is mainly a focus on expanding the breath of its current tech capabilities or moving to a new market altogether.

Cloud computing acquisitions would tie Fujitsu even closer to its partner, Microsoft (MSFT). The Redmond giant earlier this year unveiled its Azure cloud computing software and named Fujitsu as one of its partners on the project. Fujitsu's ambitions in this area comes at a time when corporate America is increasingly turning to cloud computing so as to save money by outsourcing the work.