AirTran Raises Checked Bag Fee

Yet another airline fee is going up. Low-cost carrier AirTran quietly says on its website it's raising its fee for a first checked bag to $20, as of Sept. 1.

That's an increase of $5. The upped fee applies to coach-class reservations, made on or after August 17.

JetBlue and Southwest still allow a first checked bag for free.

The increased AirTran fee is still less than that of rival Delta ($23 online and $25 at the airport), however. And among low-cost carriers, AirTran is still charging less for a first checked bag than Virgin America ($25) and Spirit ($25 to $30).

AirTran will continue to charge $25 for a second bag, and those in business class and elite frequent fliers can continue to check two bags at no charge.

Photo, Cliff1066, flickr
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