Busted Department of Education Workers Need a Refresher Course in Being Discreet

Photo credit: minasi The NY Daily News reported yesterday that over a dozen teachers and other DOE professionals have been busted for playing hooky from their jobs. According to the NYDN, over 13 employees have been terminated or fined over the past two years for calling in sick and taking paid vacations - all on taxpayer dimes. While the number of professionals that do this are surely higher, these workers were caught by posting photos of vacation on social media profiles like Facebook and returning to their jobs with trademark vacation signs, like tans.

The Department of Education stated that aside from the myriad of paid holidays and summer vacation time off, teachers have an additional 10 days each year for illness, three of which can be converted into personal days with prior granted permission. Ann Forte, a spokesperson for the Department of Education stated "If teachers or staff are found to be abusing the policy to take a vacation, we will take action."

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