Treasure Isle Poseidon Relic guide: Everything you need to know

Treasure Isle Poseidon
Treasure Isle Poseidon

Treasure Isle is coming at us fast and furious, with tons of new maps and new buildables. It seems we can't play the game enough to stay caught up on all of the new features! That's not a bad thing though, and the new Poseidon Relic is a nice buildable addition to the game. If you log in to Treasure Isle today, you'll see a popup that asks you if you would like to place your Poseidon relic right away or if you'd like to store it. If you place it, keep in mind that you can only place it in the water - unlike the Gem Mine which could be placed anywhere. After you have placed your relic, click on it to start the building process.

Building the Poseidon Relic is almost exactly like building the Gem Mine, except there are more phases. For the first phase, you need to collect 1 Aqua Vitae, 1 Dye, 1 Marble, 1 Metal, and 1 Oil and after that it is completed. To obtain these items, you can do one of the four following actions: