Career Lessons from Jackie Evancho of 'America's Got Talent'

jackie evancho
jackie evancho

We can learn a lot from a kid, even when it comes to our career. Even if you've missed 'America's Got Talent' these past few weeks, you probably have seen video of the amazing Jackie Evancho -- her videos have over 10 million views on YouTube. Her singing continues to wow the judges, the audience and people around the world week after week. Here are four things she is doing right when it comes to her career. How do you do in these four areas?

Her personal brand

I had never heard of her before but you can see videos on YouTube where she was performing various songs in different venues. Her team (parents or manager?) used available technology to share her talent and develop her personal brand. By the time she was on 'America's Got Talent,' there was enough on YouTube that we could enjoy more of her talent and get to see her talent progress. She started building her brand BEFORE she got her big break on TV. Are you working on your personal brand now, or are you waiting for your big break?