Game Update Roundup: What's new in Fanglies?


It has been over a month since we first took a look at Playdom's new game Fanglies, so we figured we'd give a quick update on some of the recent changes and features that have been released in the game. If you haven't tried Fanglies yet, it might be the best time now - as the game has changed as players have given feedback over the last month and a half. It's now better than ever, and here's why!

Faster energy regeneration

If there was one big complaint about Fanglies, is was the fact that energy regenerated so slow. You could only play for a short time before you were out of energy, and then you had to wait hours in order to actually be able to play again. Now, there are new energy drinks that players can send to each other that will help them get energy back. Also, Playdom has increased the regeneration time by a lot, and made it so that accumulating energy is much quicker now. We welcome this change for sure!

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