FrontierVille: Barns for animals and new quests coming soon?


This week, FrontierVille released a new storage shed that lets players -- once they've put some elbow grease into it -- store up to 35 decorations. That's right, emphasis on the decorations. If you try to stick an animal in your shed, you'll get a message saying that animal barns are coming soon, according to this player. Have you seen this as well?

If we've learned about social games, if you find a big poll in their official forums, you can bet that the powers that be are deciding what new features to roll out next. We spotted this new FrontierVille poll that asks players if they've completed all of the quests in the game, and considering that 64% of the people who responded have ... I'm guessing we're going to see a slew of new quests in the not-so-distant future.

frontierville poll
frontierville poll