FarmVille official podcast (8/20): Pigpens, truffle hunting & new charity event on the way


This week's FarmVille podcast has arrived and community manager Lexi 'Lexilicious' Smith goes over the new FarmVille storage cellar in details and talks about two of the next big releases in everyone's favorite farming game -- pigpens and a new charity event for Haiti. See the recap below:

Storage Cellars
Lexilicious spends the bulk of the podcast going over the new storage cellar in detail. That includes the stuff we already know -- how to build it and expand it. And the stuff we didn't already know, i.e. how the storage cellar works with your existing storage barns. The cellar, which has a capacity of 500 items, will not allow you to store an additional 500 items. Instead, it will increase your existing storage limit to 500, so if you already have 100 items stored on your farm, you will only be able to store an additional 400 additional items.


  • Pigpens will be arriving in FV in the "very near future."

  • Will arrive in two separate phases

  • The pigpen will be a buildable item

  • New truffle hunting feature will be introduced after pigpen is done

  • Feed pigs slop (made from bushels) and they will hunt for truffles on neighbors farms

  • Truffles can be traded for prizes, including new types of pigs.

Haiti Charity event:
New charity event coming to help Haiti in a few weeks, and you will be able to participate without having to pay money. No word on whether this will involve a special crop or will be something completely different.

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