Workplace Discrimination: Muslim Employee Sues Disney Over Headscarf

Photo credit: Jae C. Hong, APA worker in Disneyland's Grand Californian Hotel is suing the company over their refusal to allow her to wear her Muslim Hijab scarf while working at her position as a hostess in the hotel's Storytellers Cafe. 26-year-old Imane Boudlal was asked to remove the traditional head garment when she attempted to wear it on Sunday, being told that she could either remove the hijab or work a positon "backstage" - a term referring to back of house work that typically does not require interfacing with customers.

Disneyland spokeswoman, Suzi Brown, noted that Boudlal has still been allowed to work, albeit not in her original position. "We've given her the opportunity to work in a backstage role the last several shifts that she's come in." Brown continued the sentiment that the company's decision was not in an effort to stifle religious freedom, but rather a policy of adhering to the company's dress code. "It has to do with the costume; every role at Disneyland Resort has a specific costume."

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