Revive a planet with Terranova: a new environmental space game

Here at - The Blog! we are always scouring through Facebook looking for what could be the next great undiscovered game. Today, we unearthed a true gem in Terranova, an environmentally friendly space game where you can save your planet from biohazardous threats. This game is developed by Atakama Labs and is being promoted by Playdom (who are also hosting the game's official forums). Launched just two days ago, this game is one to keep an eye on.

In Terranova, you play a little astronaut who has been charged with reviving and tending to a hazardous planet. Your goal is to clean up and remove waste, plant new life, explore undiscovered lands, and make the planet a better place. Right away, you'll notice that the game looks beautiful. The art is a fun vector style with a very stylized environment, and the avatars are highly customizable and adorable. The game walks you through a precise tutorial that shows you the basics of zapping harmful hazards, planting, watering, and growing flowers and vegetation, and cleaning up and recycling garbage. This isn't a simple farming game by any means.

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