How to Get an Accurate Moving Quote

moving quote
moving quote

Andrew Woodworth didn't realize how expensive his move would be until it was all over. Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn in April of last year, Woodworth originally received a moving quote of $700. In the end, he paid $825.

Why was the moving quote so different from the actual price? "When the movers showed up in the morning, they didn't bring enough people to carry my stuff and I wound up paying for more people to come out to my building," explains Woodworth, an attorney currently based in New York City. "I had told them exactly what I needed to have moved, but when they arrived at my apartment, they basically told me, 'Either you pay for more people to come out and do this, or you can pay for more hours, because it will take longer.'"

You don't have to suffer the same fate. Here's how to get an accurate moving quote and have the moving firm stick to it.