Google Movie to Be Based on Ken Auletta Book


As Facebook prepares for the release of The Social Network, the movie about its origins, another movie project is in the works involving a different Silicon Valley titan. That's right, get ready for the history of search juggernaut Google (GOOG) to hit the silver screen, according to

The movie will be based on Ken Auletta's book Googled: The End of the World As We Know It, which was optioned by Michael London's Groundswell Productions and producer John Morris, according to the site. The movie will chronicle Google's rise from the Stanford dorm-room project of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to a $115 billion Web giant.

"It's about these two young guys who created a company that changed the world, and how the world in turn changed them," London told "The heart of the movie is their wonderful edict, don't be evil. At a certain point in the evolution of a company so big and powerful, there are a million challenges to that mandate. Can you stay true to principles like that as you become as rich and powerful as that company has become? The intention is to be sympathetic to Sergey and Larry, and hopefully the film will be as interesting as the company they created."

For some fun speculation about which Hollywood stars might play the Google guys and some of their key colleagues, see this post from a few years ago.

A Google spokesperson declined to comment on the subject.