Free downloads: Weezer, Amos Lee, No Age; streams of Brian Wilson, The National

Ten free and legal downloads or streams sure to strike the ear of the cash-strapped college student.

1. Weezer: "Memories"
The group that practically defined geek rock (nerds cranking distortion-doused amps) is back with yet another surf-pop summertime anthem. As the title implies, this tune hearkens back to the teenage years of front man Rivers Cuomo (pictured), but also applies to anyone who's grown up with the group from the early 1990s on.

2. Amos Lee:
Daytrotter session
While not at the level of Dave Matthews, this guy with a guitar shouldn't be overlooked amongst the masses. With just as much James Taylor as Stevie Wonder mojo in his repertoire, this tasty troubadour (and Norah Jones labelmate) delicately balances folk and soul, plus plenty of vivid storytelling that makes this in studio EP a true treat for fans of unexpected fusions.