FarmVille pigpen: Tuck your piggies away in a new building -- soon

farmville pig pen
farmville pig pen

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As you level up in FarmVille, one thing's for certain -- you're gonna need as much space as possible to house your crops, chicken coop, storage barns, houses, ponds, crashed spaceships, sheep wearing pasta bowls as a hat and whatever other decor you've deemed worthy of your virtual farm.

Soon, another space-saver will be headed your way in the form of a pigpen, as the FarmVille loading screen above implies. We've also spotted several images of the pigpen in its various stages of construction. Check out the images below to get a sneak peek at the next item you'll soon be adding to your farmer's to-do list. Looks like we'll soon be on bended knee, begging neighbors for boards, nails, dirt and maybe some paint as well. No one ever said being a digital farmer was easy.