Apple might refund accidental app purchases ... once


If you've had an iPhone or iPad long enough, odds are you have accidentally purchased an app. A click, click here or a tap, tap there and you've just spent $10 you hadn't planned on. Unlike the Google Android Marketplace, which has a 24-hour return period, Apple doesn't have an official policy on App store returns -- but if you ask nicely you may be able to get your money back on your first mistake, anyway.

I found this out after I purchased what I thought was Madden 2011 HD for the iPad. It turned out that the link I followed, from a Madden 2011 HD Review, actually led to the cheaper iPhone version. I didn't realize my mistake until the game started up as a smaller and less graphically defined version in the center of my iPad. If you are searching the iTunes store you can easily see which apps are for the iPad and which are for the iPhone but because I followed a link and saw that the version of Madden 11 I wanted to purchase was compatible with the iPad, as shown below, I purchased the wrong version.