Zynga Launched 'Zynga Poker' in Asia Today


Zynga, the developers of FarmVille, launched their version of Texas Hold 'Em game titled Zynga Poker across Asia for Asian Facebook users today.

The game will be available in Mandarin. While the game will be accessible in Taiwan and Hong Kong tomorrow, residents living in mainland China will be left out because of the Chinese government's ban and censorship on Facebook.

Zynga Poker has over "25 million players monthly"reaching users world wide. Since the "number eight is considered to be lucky in Chinese culture," Zynga has customized Zynga Poker for its Asian audience by making jackpots "$880,000, and any player signing up for a new account will start with $8,888″. Even today's launch date of 8/18 was calculated by Zynga.

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.