What should be the next FarmVille Dog?

FarmVille Freak Daremek Dobermans
FarmVille Freak Daremek Dobermans

Since the release of the FarmVille Dog, several breeds have been added, but farmers are still asking for more. Everyone wants their favorite breed to be represented in FarmVille.

Currently you can choose from:

  • Border Collie

  • Terrier

  • Golden Retriever

  • Heeler

  • St. Bernard

According to a recent unreleased item that surfaced, we know that Pitbulls could be coming soon. FarmVille Freak Daremek is hopeful that Dobermans will one day be released and took it upon himself to edit his own rendering of Dobermans in FarmVille just to see what they could look like on the farm! Note, the Doberman as seen in the picture is not an unreleased item. They are for creative purposes only.

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