'Undercover Boss' Spin-off in the Works; New Season Features Firsts

undercover-bossThere's no official word yet, but the Hollywood Reporter's details of a new CBS workplace-related show from Studio Lambert, the same company that brought you 'Undercover Boss,' appear to be dead on.

The 'Undercover Boss' "companion" series will feature two employees of the same company working against each other to win a major promotion. The "undercover" veil will be lifted, and there will be no mistaking that everyone involved is being filmed as they compete.

The competitive angle will put the show more in line with other popular prime-time reality series, such as 'The Amazing Race,' 'The Apprentice,' 'Big Brother' and 'American Idol.' Major U.S. corporations are reported to be interested in participating in the show, which the Hollywood Reporter says has received a pilot order from CBS.

It makes sense to come up with something else that focuses on the workplace, along the same lines as the uber-popular 'Undercover Boss,' which was the season's highest-rated new series and averaged close to 18 million viewers. The fact that it premiered right after the Super Bowl didn't hurt, either.

But it appears the critics as well as viewers like the show: It been nominated for a non-competitive reality show Emmy, going up against 'Antiques Roadshow,' 'MythBusters,' 'Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List,' 'Dirty Jobs,' and 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution,' some offering more obvious competition than others. Don't be surprised if 'Undercover Boss' wins. Its chief competitors appear to be 'Food Revolution' and 'Dirty Jobs.'

Meanwhile, CBS is preparing for the launch of the second season of 'Undercover Boss,' which will air Sept. 26 on CBS. So far they've announced that bosses from NASCAR, DirecTV, Great Wolf Resorts and Chiquita Brands International will be involved. The series' first female corporate head will be featured on the Great Wolf Resorts episode, and Latinos will be represented by Fernando Aguirre of Chiquita.

Keep your eyes on AOL Jobs for exclusive interviews with the Undercover Bosses as their episodes air.

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