Treasure Isle: Two new balloons hover for one day only


Two days ago, Treasure Islereleased a set of balloons that not only look pretty hovering around your island, but also increase storage space by 10 slots. Tonight, they have added two more balloons to the collection, bringing the total amount of balloons to choose from to 10. These balloons are not special in any way - they cost the same (40 Island Cash) and also add 10 backback slots.

The two new balloons are the Contraption Balloon and the Candy Balloon.

All balloons are only available for 1 more day, so log in and buy one if you don't want to miss your chance. We suspect this won't be the last time we see items that increase storage space, and it might not be the last time we see these balloons - but if you want a balloon I'd recommend buying one now.