Treasure Isle releases purchaseable coins, makes mistake

Treasure Isle released an update tonight, and included the ability to purchase coins for Island Cash. We covered this last night, however it didn't pan out exactly how we predicted. The original Treasure Isle wall post said that soon players would be able to "trade coins for cash". Typically, this would lead us to believe that you're trading in coins and getting Island Cash in return. Apparently, the post was incorrect and was actually stated backwards. Released in Treasure Isle is now the ability to buy coins with Island Cash, so the exact opposite of what we wrote.

Treasure Isle moderator Kaerie posted the following in this thread:

We've just got word that this was posted backwards accidentally (the blast has been removed now).

It's actually going to be coins for cash, not cash for coins.

This was a simple miscommunication on Treasure Isle's part, and we got all excited about it. It really didn't make sense anyway, so this isn't a huge surprise. The players, however, are quite upset about the inaccuracy.

Are you upset by the results, or was this just a simple forgivable typo?