Police Chase Ends On Runway At Dallas Airport

A busy runway was temporarily closed at Dallas Love Field as a suspected carjacker led police right onto the field during an hour-long, low-speed chase.

The man smashed the pickup truck he was driving through a locked chain-link fence and drove across taxiways and the runway before police surrounded and rammed the truck, ending the chase.

A shirtless suspect was pulled from the truck, handcuffed and taken away. He will likely face federal charges, officials say.

One arriving flight and Southwest Airlines departures on the ground were held during the more than 10 minutes the chase was on the field.

Police had pursued the truck from highways to side streets, through the gate and onto airport grounds. TV station WFAA tracked much of the chase.

City officials expressed concern that the suspect was able to get onto airport property so easily.

"I think that the whole game changed when he ended up on the runways and threatened multiple lives," says Dallas Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, chairman of the City Council Public Safety Committee. "I believe it means security is something we have to take a look at that airport."

Photo, Austin Pilot, flickr

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