Groupon offers $50 Gap coupon for $25 today only

Man holding wad of cash in his hand
Man holding wad of cash in his hand

If you've been thinking about trying out one of the many group buying sites but worry it would be hard to redeem, or you live somewhere the trend has yet to reach, today's deal promises to allay these fears.

Groupon, an originator of the movement, is offering $50 worth of merchandise for $25 at The Gap. It's the first time it's offered a deal with a large national retailer.

For the uninitiated, Group buying sites strike marketing deals with businesses like restaurants, salons, entertainment or service venues to offer reduced prices for those who pay upfront. Some offer a limited number of certificates for each deal while others, including Groupon, use the collective buying power of a large group to trigger the deal. Once a minimum number of people commit, the deal is on.

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