Get Playfish Cash and a deal at Gap with Groupon


Through their third party offer partner, TrialPay, all EA/Playfish games are currently offering a fantastic Groupon deal that will not only earn you $25 off any Gap apparel, but will also give 35 Playfish Cash. According to TechCrunch, this national deal has been spreading like wildfire, expecting to sell over 700,000 Groupons by the end of the day. If you log in to your favorite Playfish game such as Hotel City or FIFA Superstars, you can make the purchase and get a bonus of 35 Playfish Cash. This isn't a bad deal at all, especially since Groupon is known for being a legitimate place to take part in daily deals and get major discounts on services and retail stores.

This is an example of how marketing on the web has a real place within the social games space. Playfish get a cut of the purchase, TrialPay gets a cut of the purchase, Groupon gets a cut, and Gap gets a cut - meanwhile you, the consumer, get discounted Gap goods and a bonus of Playfish Cash to spend in Playfish games on Facebook. Everyone wins!

Playfish Cash is valid in all Playfish games, and this deal is only available today.