Cafe World "No Clean Fairy" now buildable by all


Cafe World fans are no stranger to the "No Clean Fairy", as it has been around for quite some time. We covered the No Clean Fairy back in early July when it was simply a functional special item that had to be purchased outright with Cafe Cash. Now, the fairy has been bumped the forefront, and is now buildable by everyone using the familiar building mechanism that almost every game is using right now. The No Clean Fairy is an item that when placed in your cafe, will make it so that your stoves never need to be cleaned again. A game-changing decoration for sure.

To start building, click on the gold fairy icon on your bottom toolbar, and you will have access to the ingredient screen that shows you what you need to collect in order to get your No Clean Fairy. The fairy won't be easy, it requires 10 each of Pinch of Fairy Dust, Vial of Dewdrops, and Wildflower Essence, and also 20 of Mountain-Fresh Air. These ingredients can be obtained by asking for them from friends, or paying 2 Cafe Cash for each ingredient. For those of you who aren't math whizzes, that comes up to 100 Cafe Cash total to purchase each piece. That's even more expensive than the 95 Cafe Cash that the No Clean Fairy originally cost! Luckily, you don't have to spend money if you don't want to.

This is a major functionality improvement for the game, so it is likely you will be seeing a lot of Cafe World wall posts in the coming weeks as players are striving to collect all of the ingredients for their No Clean Fairy.