5 best $5 buys

Five dollar billWe all know a five-dollar bill doesn't go nearly as far as it once did. Short of a gourmet coffee or maybe a meal at a fast food chain, there's not a whole lot left it can pay for anymore -- or is there?

Walletpop.com found five products or services that give you the biggest bang for the buck -- for just $5 or less:

While many casual dining chains are offering small plates at small prices, happy hours and group rates, why not make dinner at home - for just $5? From tacos to beef stew to Asian chicken wraps to breaded cod, there's something for everyone (recipes, strategies, and more) on 5dollardinners.com.

It's a great time to be a magazine subscriber. While most yearlong subscriptions are a relative bargain at $10-$20, several are below $5. Among them: a one year subscription to Motor Trend, or Budget Travel for $3; a one-year subscription to Family Circle costs $3.50.

For just $5 a month (minimum subscription 8 weeks), you can save about 60% a year on your groceries with the help of The Grocery Game -- a website that provides weekly lists of products that are on sale at your local supermarkets and drugstores, matched with manufacturers' coupons and specials. A four-week trial is complimentary.


Check out DVD kiosks in your neighborhood, such as Redbox (which you'll find at drugstores, grocery stores and McDonald's franchises all over the United States), or DVDPlay. Both offer more than 100 new movie releases at any given time -- from the original The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to Cop Dog to The Hangover - for just $1 a night.

Want to boost traffic to your Twitter account? Does your resume need to be revised? In the market for a custom-designed logo? Go to Fiverr.com, a relatively new website where freelancers offer just about any service you can imagine - for a flat rate of $5, or about the price of a Frappuccino.
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