11 alternative uses for dental floss

There are so many more ways to use dental floss than just to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Because it's made with nylon or Teflon fibers, floss is stronger than string or thread, easier to work with than wire and you can get it cheap at most dollar stores. Here are just a few of the many alternative uses for dental floss:

Hang time - Use dental floss to hang pictures, sun catchers or Christmas ornaments. In fact, you can use it to hang just about any smallish object in need of string or wire.

Sew neat - I love this one. If you've ever had a coat button that keeps coming off, and who hasn't, try dental floss instead of thread the next time you sew it on. Floss is also strong enough to repair tears in mess on things like playpens, beach bags and laundry bags.

A cut above
- If you wrap a length of dental floss around one finger on each hand, you can cut perfect cake slices. It's cleaner and neater than using a knife. You can cut fruit, soft cheese, bread and hard-boiled eggs this way, too.

Picture perfect - All it takes is a little moisture and pictures can become stuck together and ruined. But maybe not. You may need an extra pair of hands for this operation but you can try separating photos by slowly working some floss in between them.

Cookie saver - Crumbling cookies got you down? Slide some floss underneath your baked goods to easily lift them off the baking tray.

It's a wrap - Use dental floss, instead of twine, to securely tie packages for mailing.

Gone fishing
- If you happen to break your fishing line, dental floss makes a sturdy replacement.

With this floss
- Somehow or other that ring on your finger has shrunk and now you can't get it off. Try this nifty little trick using waxed dental floss: Wrap the floss around your finger from the tip down to the ring. The idea here is to reduce the size of your finger without cutting off the circulation. The ring will then slide over the floss so you can easily remove it.

Clothes call
- Forgot the rope on a camping trip? Use a length of unwaxed dental floss as a clothesline. Many hotels already have pull-out clotheslines over the tub. However, if you find yourself in one that doesn't, just whip out the dental floss. You could tie one end to the showerhead and the other to the far end of the curtain rod.

The silencer - Quiet a dripping faucet by tying a piece of floss around the opening and letting it hang down into the sink. The drips will slide noiselessly down the floss. It's a great quick fix until you can repair the taps and save on your water bill.

Ivy league - Support climbing plants by using a piece of dental floss to tie them to a trellis.

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She writes tips and ideas for home decorating using only items from the dollar store.

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