TV Networks Balk at Supplying Google TV


Google TV's path to prime time has hit a bump. TV networks remain leery about sharing their video website data with Google (GOOG), which wants to offer a combined service of online and TV program listings and shows, according to a Wall Street Journalreport.

Apparently, some of the content providers are questioning whether the proceeds they would receive from a Google TV partnership would be enough to offset any potential loss to their broadcast business. They also wonder if a deal would increase the chances of their content being pirated.

This setback comes roughly three months after Google unveiled its Google TV, touting it as a way to meld TV programs and Internet shows into one service viewed over traditional TVs. That content would include videos running on any site -- YouTube, corporate websites -- and TV networks. According to the Journal report, Google plans to offer its service via TV set-top boxes as early as this fall.