Springdale, Utah, sued for banning chain restaurants

Scene of Zion National Park, no Subway in sight
Scene of Zion National Park, no Subway in sight

The move to block chain competition to local restaurants in some towns is being tested by a lawsuit brought against the town of Springdale, Utah, by owners of a Subway franchise. The investors believe that what Springdale needs to set off the beauty of the surrounding Zion National Park is a few five-dollar foot-long banners.

Springdale, which voted in the ban in 2006, is not the only community in the U.S. to make such a decision. Sister Bay, Wisc., on the bucolic Door Peninsula, last week passed an ordinance banning formula restaurants. Other tourist towns, like York, Maine, that are proud of their charm and want to preserve it in perpetuity (and keep the tourism dollars flowing) have done likewise.