My timeshare's all fouled up -- Help Me, WalletPop!

Timeshare problems - Jean Chatzky
Timeshare problems - Jean Chatzky

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While married, my then-husband and I purchased a timeshare. Our sales agreement and deed said "Week 41," but the timeshare folks recorded it as "Week 39." In our divorce neither of us wanted it and it was not awarded to either of us in our divorce decree. We both agreed to transfer the property to my children, but the Town Clerk said that I could not since I did not own the property I had the deed to. Now the timeshare people have turned our two years worth of non-payment of maintenance fees to a collection agency. I can't transfer it, I can't sell it, I don't want it. How can we walk away without hurting our credit? Can I ask for our money back since the timeshare company sold us something they did not own?
Karen Gray

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