From Anapata to Zuckerberg: 10 college whiz kids and their successful start-ups

You don't have to wait until after graduation to be your own boss or run a successful business -- there are plenty of college entrepreneurs to prove it. A good idea is a good idea at any age, and quite a few scientific studies have shown that youth correlates with creativity. As such, Money College brings you 10 college entrepreneurs (in no particular order) who decided to balance business plans with final exams and started their own businesses while still in school.

1. Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg
Harvard University

Facebook has transformed social media. Mark Zuckerberg (pictured) is now the world's youngest billionaire and founded Facebook in his Harvard dorm room in 2004. And although he never graduated, he probably isn't hurting for that degree -- Facebook is expected to generate $1 billion in 2010.

2. Anapata
Ooshma Garg
Stanford University

Ooshma Garg served as co-president of Stanford Women in Business during her junior year and noticed that the corporate sector could use some help in recruiting diverse candidates. To aid this process, she established Anapata in 2008: an online database that connects law firms with a diverse group of law students. The company considers itself the first online "diversity-focused recruiting and networking platform for the legal profession."
3. College Hunks Hauling Junk
Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman
University of Miami

College pals Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman started College Hunks Hauling Junk as summer project in 2002 to earn some cash in between semesters at University of Miami. They started with a borrowed cargo van and began picking up unwanted goods. Now, the company boosts 50 franchises and earns an estimated $10 million in sales. Although the two did graduate, they began the business as undergrads.

Curtis Funk
Weber State University

Curtis Funk created a business inspired by his own grandmother's funeral. Upon her passing, a then 17-year-old Funk received an audiotape of the services. He marveled at the stories told about his grandmother which prompted him to found In addition to audiotapes of the services, clients can also obtain live video and audio streaming as well as transcripts. One media outlet called the business a top tech trend of 2009.

5. Her Campus
Stephanie Kaplan, Windsor Hanger and Annie Wang
Harvard University

Money College recently interviewed Stephanie Kaplan, CEO and editor-in-chief of Her Campus, about the online magazine she started with two fellow students while still studying at Harvard. Not only did the founders come up with a way to develop both national and local content, but the business plan also creates a way for advertisers to connect with the college market.

6. LearnVest
Alexa von Tebel
Harvard University

While attending the Harvard School of Business, von Tebel won Astia's business plan competition. She took a five year leave from Harvard and founded LearnVest. She described the venture to Inc. Magazine as the online version of The Suze Orman Show. LearnVest is geared towards helping young women manage their finances. The site has 100,000 users and signed a $4.5 million investment in April -- it's probably no accident that she lived in Zuckerberg's former Harvard dorm room.

7. MyBandStock
Drew Leahy
University of Michigan

Drew Leahy, a 22-year-old University of Michigan student, came up with the idea for his start-up after spending a summer working for Evan Frankfort, a Grammy award-winning producer/composer. He wanted to create a stock market for bands and MyBandStock was born. Users can invest in bands before that make it big, or they can use their pull on the site to get closer to their favorite bands and artists.

8. College Fashion
Zephyr Basine
University of Massachusetts

College Fashion founder's Zephyr Basine told Money College back in April that the site that began as a personal blog, now garners more one million page views a month. With stylish contributors posting content from campuses around the world, the site caters to a fashion-hungry college audience and Basine employs 15 weekly writers and eight biweekly contributors.

9. MetroLyrics
Milun Tesovic
Simon Fraser University

Before Milun Tesovic even enrolled in college, he founded MetroLeap Media at the ripe old age of 15. Tesovic used his tech skills to narrow in on one of the most searched terms, "lyrics," and the destination site MetroLyrics soon followed. Now, at 24, Tesovic is the chief technology officer of MetroLeap Media, and is studying business at Simon Fraser University.

10. Crelligence Media
Alexander Debelov
Babson College

Alexander Debelov's Crelligence Media is currently in the running for Entrepreneur magazine's College Entrepreneur of the Year Contest. The site uses social media marketing to build brand value and hosts Viralskool which fosters a community of filmmakers where companies can to look for the next video to go viral.

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