Details Emerge on Former HP CEO Sexual Harassment Allegation

Mark Hurd
Mark Hurd

Details have emerged of the sexual harassment allegations that led to the resignation of former Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) CEO Mark Hurd.

Jodie Fisher, the former HP marketing contractor who made the allegation, claimed she lost work from the company because she did not have sex with Hurd, Reuters reported without naming its sources.

Hurd stepped down earlier this month after the company accused him of filing false expense claims involving Fisher. An investigation ordered by the company's board found no evidence of sexual harassment.

The catalyst for Hurd's departure was when the board decided to disclose the sexual harassment allegation, Reuters reported.

Once the board made the decision to make the claim public, Hurd and HP "moved to separate," one source told Reuters.

Hurd disputes reports that his decision to settle with Fisher interfered with the board's investigation, according to Reuters, referring to the claims as "lies."

Since leaving HP, Hurd, 53, has received offers of work from private equity funds and publicly traded companies.

So far, Hurd has given no indication of his plans. The former CEO "still loves HP," one source told Reuters.

Hurd helped turn HP into the world's largest technology company by revenue, thanks to a series of ambitious acquisitions and cost-cutting measures.