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Adventure Activity Austin

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They say everything's bigger in Texas. In the state capital of Austin -- a bustling university city on the banks of the Colorado River -- the fun does seem to be bigger, and better.

Austin is world-renowned as the Live Music Capital of the World. While that's certainly true, the city offers many other activities to get your heart pumping and your toes tapping.

Here are five adventure activities in Austin, Texas we dare you to try:

1. Eat the Flying Pig at Gourdough's Donuts

Gourdough's Donuts, a food trailer located in South Austin, is earning such acclaim even Anthony Bourdain stopped by recently! Gourdough's is known for some wacky doughnut creations like the Son of a Peach (peach filling, cinnamon, sugar, and cake mix topping) and Baby Rattler (fudge icing and fudge Oreos with a gummy rattlesnake) -- but nothing compares to the mouth-watering, heart-attack-waiting-to-happen, the Flying Pig. Whoever thought that bacon on a fried doughnut with maple icing could taste so good? It may take some time for you to get your doughnut: Each one is made fresh. But one taste of this cardiac-arrest heaven is worth the wait.
Location: 1219 S. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78704

2. Become a derby girl

Work life bringing you down? Feel like kicking some butt after a long day? Well, why not become a derby girl? Famous for it's derby leagues, Austin even had an A&E TV show called 'Rollergirls,' which featured the city's premiere roller derby league, the TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls. But if you're thinking of joining, be careful: These girls mean business. Though fun, nothing about roller derby screams "soft and cuddly." Cuts and bruises are part of the game, and unbridled aggression is what you'll need. So, if you're feeling a little daring and ready to knock some heads, look no further that roller derby.

3. Have your tootsies licked at a Foot Patrol show

Foot Patrol is a local seven-piece funk band that only sings about feet: loving feet, and smelling feet. The band has become a perennial favorite due to not only their fun attitude and kitschy songs, but also the fact that the lead singer, TJ Wade, will give you the best toe lickin' this side of the Mississippi. Hoards of fans line up after each show to get their toes sucked on by the hippest blind keyboardist since Stevie Wonder. Wade is not only an extremely talent musician, but a fine foot masseur as well. He's massaged/licked over 1,000 different feet and knows what he is doing. So, if you want to see an exciting show and dare to have your feet seduced afterward, you know where to go.

4. Learn to fly through the air at trapeze school

Who would have thought that trapeze flying was such a popular adventure activity in Austin? Want to make your dream come true of swinging through the air with a clown while hundreds of circus-goers look on? Well look no further! Trapeze Austin is the place to treat that part of you that always wanted to be a carny. Trapeze Austin offers all sorts of packages, ranging from individuals classes ($75) to all-day Circus Camp (from $325), where you can also learn the art of static rope/silks and juggling. The school also offers group packages. So maybe you can dare your friends into running away and joining the circus with you.
Location: 9501 Manchaca Blvd.

5. Get naked at Hippie Hollow

Feeling the need to walk around public naked? Well, before you find yourself arrested for parading "commando" around Sixth Street, why don't you check out Hippie Hollow, located on beautiful Lake Travis? Hippie Hollow is the only legally recognized nudist park in the state of Texas. It is also a place where you'll see a lot of naked people whose image will burn a hole in your psyche. But what is an Austin adventure activity without getting naked with a bunch of hippies and listening to Townes Van Zandt CDs and drinking Lonestars? Not much of a dare at all.
Location: 7000 Comanche Trail

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