22 Cities like Utica, N.Y., prime for a double-dip recession

Roller coaster to illustrate double-dip recession
Roller coaster to illustrate double-dip recession

At least 22 U.S. cities are at risk of slipping back into recession, Moody's Economy.com said in a report this week.

"With chances of a national double-dip recession now estimated at about one in four, several metro areas will probably experience their own downturns in the first half of 2011," said economist Andrew Gledhill, who wrote the report.

Gledhill identified the 22 markets listed below as having the biggest chance of a double-dip recession because their economies are linked to manufacturing or they've lost whatever industry it was that created the city to begin with.

I've lived in a couple of these cities, and I was the editor of the daily newspaper, the Observer-Dispatch in Utica-Rome, N.Y., for several years. During that time -- about 15 years ago -- I got to know the region's problems well. I suspect that they are no different today than they were then, and that they are probably similar to those facing the other 21 cities on this list.