YouTube Chef Shares Small Kitchen Successes


Serena Palumbo grew up in what foodies would consider a dream kitchen. It had a six-burner stove, two ovens and a marble counter where her family could spread out and cook together -- oh, and it was in Palermo, Italy.

When she and her husband settled into a New York apartment with a tiny kitchen, she couldn't give up cooking, so she decided that she would make it work. When her co-workers (she's an attorney by day) eyed her lunches of leftovers (such as real Italian meatballs) and expressed surprise that she could cook that in a city apartment, she decided to show other people how to make it work, too.

Her self-produced YouTube series, "Cooking in Manhattan," shows viewers how to make everything from risotto to blueberry pie (and yes, meatballs) in a kitchen smaller than some people's pantries. It led to a stint on the Food Network's "The Next Food Network Star," where alas, she was recently eliminated. So she's back in her own kitchen, cooking for friends and family instead of finicky Bobby Flay.

She spoke with RentedSpaces about making the most of a tiny kitchen: