RIM slashes BlackBerry Torch price?


In the market for a fancy cell phone at a decent price? The Blackberry Torch 9800 may be of interest to you, now that Research in Motion has halved its price to $99 to boost sagging sales against rival iPhone 4 from Apple.

The new $99 price comes with a two-year contract with AT&T. The phone is for sale on Amazon and other sites except AT&T's homepage, where it's still listed for $199.

RIM cut Torch's price after some reviews complained the Torch didn't have enough new features. But that's part of RIM's strategy, to appeal to buyers who prefer the old standard. And at $99, it's a pretty attractive price for a decent device with smartphone features.

RIM closed at $50.83 yesterday on the New York Stock Exchange. The stock hit its year-to-date high of $75.70 on March 29.

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