Music Pets, Super Dance take a final bow, both "shutting down soon"

music pets
The same day Zynga announced its acquisition of Music Pets and Super Dance creator Conduit Labs, a notice appeared on both of the Facebook music games, saying that they "will be shutting down soon." There's a longer explanation of the close of these games, which essentially boils down to this one quote: "we've been unable to make Music Pets/Super Dance commercially viable."

Read the entire note below:
music pets closure

The biggest question is what happens to players who have invested real-life cash into these games? I like that there is a concession for players who bought items with Facebook Credits over the past month, but this doesn't address the larger problem that arises when social games get the axe -- how do you handle loyal customers (aka 'whales') who have spent hundreds of dollars in your game? I think companies should take a Las Vegas approach, where casinos comp hotel rooms and other rewards for high rollers. Maybe social game whales can be comped a pile of free virtual cash in a new game or get some kind of real-world reward.

super dance

There isn't an easy answer, but while you ponder the possibilities, let's say so-long to Super Dance and Music Pets and look forward to what the newly minted Zynga Boston is jamming on behind the scenes.
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