Man Carried 200 Fireworks on Two U.S. Flights

A 29-year-old British man claims he took more than 200 firecrackers on U.S. flights without being stopped.

Paul Jones, who is from Greater Manchester, tells the BBC he flew from Kansas to Houston and back to the U.K. on Continental Airlines, carrying a clear plastic bag full of small firecrackers and a lighter.

He even put the bag on a tray at airport security, and the firecrackers and lighter went through the x-ray machine, he says.

When he arrived back at London's Heathrow Airport, customs officials discovered the bag and expressed concern.

The firecrackers are banned from sale in the U.K. Still, officials let him leave the airport with the small explosives.

U.K. transportation officials say in a statement the matter is for U.S. authorities.

A spokesman for Continental tells the BBC it has no record of the incident, but that passengers are not allowed to bring firecrackers or other hazardous materials onto planes. Nor are they allowed to carry them in checked luggage.

The spokesman further says it is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that is responsible for screening passengers, not the airline.

Jones says the firecrackers were a souvenir from a 4th of July celebration in Wichita.

Photo, raysto, flickr
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