JetBlue's all-you-can fly airline pass returns, so deploy the inflatable slide

The tail of a JetBlue plane
The tail of a JetBlue plane

With Steven Slater now threatening to unleash his diva fits on the TV viewing public, funky set-price airline JetBlue is providing America with plenty of goofy headlines. Time for one more: From Sept. 7 to Oct. 6 (30 days), it's bringing back its all-you-can-fly pass.

The pass costs $699, which is $100 more than it cost at this time last year. A scaled-down version, which won't allow flights on Fridays or Sundays, is $499. The pass will be on sale until Monday, Aug. 23, when users can start reserving flights with it, but I wouldn't wait until then to book, since last year, it sold out a day early.