JetBlue Steven Slater Gets Reality Show Offer -- Were We Just Set Up?

While a major reality production company has reportedly offered JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater the opportunity to host his own reality TV show helping people quit in a dramatic way, TMZ is calling "Foul" about the whole incident.

In an article entitled "Steven Slater Story: Fuzzy Wuzzy," entertainment news and gossip website TMZ reports: "Sources are telling us investigators still have not identified the elusive female passenger who allegedly went off on Slater ... curious to say the least... We're told the airline and Port Authority investigators are not at all convinced the incident ever occurred."

At least reality powerhouse Stone Entertainment believes him. According to entertainment industry sources, Slater's attorney has received a tasty offer for the notorious quitter to host a reality TV show, where he would help other people quit their jobs in the most flamboyant way possible.

The company behind the offer is reportedly Stone Entertainment, which is also responsible for reality shows like 'The Mole,' 'Tim Gunn's Guide to Style,' 'Top Design,' 'NYC Prep' and 'First Time Design.' Although details of the offer have not been made public and no network, either cable or broadcast, has yet been attached, it comes as no surprise that the offer has been made.

What will be a surprise is if the show ever gets off the ground. While the timing is right for it from a publicity standpoint, from a economic standpoint, jobs are just to precious these days for people to want to unceremoniously lose them on national TV. This is one of the reasons why Fox's proposed "Someone's Gotta Go," where employees meet together and vote someone out of the office, never flew.

It's apparent that Slater, at least, has high hopes. He's just signed Hollywood heavy hitter publicist Howard Bragman to represent him. Bragman specializes in crisis management, and has represented people such as Isiah Washington, Chaz Bono, Mischa Barton, Naomi Campbell and even the Lewinski family. He also represented Mel Gibson's ex-whatever, Oksana Grigorieva, for a day before he dropped her.

"I can officially confirm that I am now representing Steven Slater," stated Bragman. "While my work will include media relations, my team at Fifteen Minutes and I will be helping him sort out the scores of offers that have come through in the past week from media producers, brands and other interested parties.

"I very much believe that Steven touched a nerve with the American people and am proud to be helping him tell his story at the appropriate time in the appropriate way."

There's a good question: What exactly is "the most appropriate way"? In any case, expect Slater to get well more than the usual 15 minutes of fame.

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