Interior Design Made Easier Than It Looks

Miami-based DKOR Interiors, a boutique interior design firm based in North Miami, FL, has launched their first book DKOR Interiors portfolio and case study, where the all-female, four-person shop, led by principal Ivonne Ronderos make dreams come true for their clients. The book was her way of showing the projects that they are so passionate about, both in the U.S. and abroad with some insight into how they do business.

"We have several examples within the book showing what we provide our clients. We will include plans for complete re-design of rooms and also offer them several color palette choices so they can make an informed decision," Ronderos told RentedSpaces. "Our clients really want designs that are outside of the box and we bring them the resources to make it happen."

At DKOR they adhere to the philosophy that interior design does not have to be stuffy or intimidating, they pride themselves on helping the client from start to finish and making the process as smooth as possible. And most of all they listen to what the homeowner wants to accomplish and what their particular style is by asking questions and formulating a design idea from that conversation.
"We ask intimate questions with regards to the family so we can build a perfect atmosphere. It is important for us to know if a couple has children how old they are, how long they plan to live in the home so we can design a home that will suit their specific needs," she says. "We get to know exactly what a family's wishes and dreams are and use that as inspiration to create their dream home."

She recalls working with a family from New York who always dreamed of owning waterfront property. They ended up buying on Sunny Isles Beach and because the ocean was such a factor in their plans, Ronderos and her team made sure to incorporate plenty of elements that focused on reflecting light and water throughout the condo. The family is prominently featured in the book.

The team has also encountered bachelors who had a vision of what they wanted but hadn't the first clue where to start. One of them is also included in the book and it tells the story of how they re-designed and decorated his entire home in Hallandale according to his wishes and desires. He wanted a contemporary look and plenty of audio/visual home theater components incorporated. They listened and brought together all his ideas and dreams to create what he dreamed of having "a sophisticated contemporary oasis."

It's projects like these as well as many projects in the Caribbean and Canada that inspired the book. They wanted to show off projects that showcase how a design firm should function and operate for their clients, not the other way around. Ronderos hopes that the book will demistify the intimidation people feel when using design firms and look to the featured projects as a way to make their dreams come true.

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