CityVille: Will this be the next 'Ville' in the Zynga gaming dynasty?


Back in March, Zynga surveyed players, asking how much time they spent playing city-building games like Social City, and that, of course, led us to believe that Zynga was doing its due diligence before launching its own city-building game. And, it looks like something called CityVille might soon be the new kid on the block, if this image taken from the official Zynga forums means anything.


Essentially, you're seeing something called CityVille in the Zynga community forums, but, if you try to enter this area, you will be denied access. What does this mean? Well, we don't know for sure, but we have a hunch we'll be soon be adding CityVille to our social gaming diet.

Thanks, Nikolas for the tip!

Do you think Zynga's getting ready to launch a city-building game on Facebook? Will it be a FarmVille killer?