YoVille goes Camping: Marshmallow Stick, Camo Shirts & More

YoVille goes Camping:
Camping fans can now enjoy the first set of Camp YoVille fashion. Men can grab the new camo shirts and cargo shorts for 800 and 900 coins respectively. Matching hats can be found for 8 Yocash. Ladies can also enjoy new tanks, cuffed shorts and sun hats.

You can also grab accessories like the new hiking stick, hiking bag, marshmallow stick and camping lantern for YoCash.

Prices and pictures of all the new items are gathered by Angie after the link!YoVille goes Camping: Lantern, shorts, sun hat
YoVille goes Camping: camping tank, hiking boots
YoVille goes Camping backpacks
YoVille goes Camping camo shirts, cargo shorts
YoVille goes Camping Hats
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