YoVille Cars guide: Everything you need to know

YoVille Cars
Cars are coming soon in YoVille! This is just a sneak preview guide, but we'll update it with the official prices and more information once this feature is live.

YoVille updated on its blog last week telling all the players that cars would be coming soon, but until now we haven't had any of the details to share with you. Now, a detailed blog post on the YoVille Official Blog has given us most of the information we needed to know. Here's everything you could ever want to know about the new YoVille cars!

At release, there will be several cars to choose from. These cars will most likely require YoCash, but the prices are unknown as of this post. One car, the Green Hybrid, will be available for a discount price as long as you recruit your friends to be 'cosigners'. We're not sure exactly how this work, but we're sure you'll have to post to your wall asking friends to help by clicking on the feed. All of the other cars must be bought outright, but all cars will be giftable or tradeable after they have been purchased.
YoVille Cars
Once you have bought a car, it will show up under "My Stuff". To drive your YoVille car, click "Edit Room" and then drag your car into your room wherever you would like it to be parked. Click on the car once it is placed, and you will now be driving in the car! You can take this car anywhere - outside of your room, even! To park the YoVille car, right click on your avatar and then select "Send to My Stuff". Your car will then be placed in your storage until you're ready to take it out and drive it around again.

Cars will only be driveable by the person who purchases them, so your friends will not be able to visit your home and drive your cars. That's a pretty smart decision, because I don't want to come back to my room and see my car missing! Only one person will be able to ride in a car at any time.

That's all we know at the moment, but this guide will be updated once cars are live and purchaseable in YoVille. Hope you've passed your Driver's Ed!
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