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Smaller houses, lower down payments, and deep discounts on big ol' pink mansions. See what else our readers were interested in this week on HousingWatch.

1. Florida Real Estate: Nearly 50% of Jacksonville Homes Are Underwater
Though its East Coast location has kept Jacksonville more or less safe from the oil spill, all is not rosy with the city's housing market. Half of homeowners underwater? Read more.

2. House Sizes Shrink Along With Consumer Priorities
Are McMansions finally going the way of the now-extinct "Super Size" meal? Trends show that Americans are starting to embrace a more modest ethos around homebuilding, buying and remodeling. Read more.

3. $1,000 Down Payment, Courtesy of the U.S. Government
In certain states, it's like the good (bad?) old days when buyers could score a house with next to no down payment. The catch? Lenders are actually checking credit scores this time. Read more.

4. What Real Estate Agents Wish You Knew About Their Job, Part 3: What Motivates Them (It's Not Always Money!)
Our ongoing series returns for a third installment, with some surprising stats about just how much (and in many cases, how little) Realtors earn for their trouble. Read more.

5. Gulf Spill Update: Florida Real Estate Developer Sues Halliburton
In the frenzy of finger-pointing surrounding the epic Gulf oil spill, one Florida developer has opted to pin the blame on oil services giant Halliburton. Read more.

6. Atlanta Real Estate: 15-Year-Old Listing Finally Sells for $10.5M
How do you sell a property that's been languishing on the market since the Clinton administration? Drop the price by $25 million. Read more.

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