Treasure Isle Gem Mine: Everything you need to know


As predicted a couple of days ago, Treasure Isle has just released their new buildable Gem Mine. If you've been playing Treasure Isle for awhile, you're probably familiar with how this works since it functions almost identically to the Pirate Ship and the Tiki Statue. Not sure how to build your Gem Mine? Here is a guide that will help you with everything you need to know.

When you first log in to Treasure Isle, you'll be greeted with a message alerting you that you can begin building your Gem Mine. You can either place the mine right away, or store it for later building. Click "Place It" and then click on the ground on your island wherever you would like to place your mine. You can move it at a later time, so don't worry too much about the placement. After you have placed the not-yet-built Gem Mine, click on it several times to get the mine started. It will cost a total of 20 energy to get the mine started, in 5 energy chunks. Now that your Gem Mine is started, it's time for the nitty-gritty building.

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