Tampa with Kids: A Perfect Family Day

Tampa with Kids: A Family Vacation
Tampa with Kids: A Family Vacation


Finding ways to entertain young children without going crazy yourself can be challenging. Here, I have created the perfect family vacation day in Tampa with kids. The children will love it and so will the adults. How do I know? I'm a mom of two young boys and I grew up here!

Hopefully, when planning your family vacation to Tampa, you will choose a hotel that is centrally located. Most people don't realize how large Tampa is, area-wise. Tampa encompasses all of Hillsborough County -- which means a lot of driving to get from point A to B, if you chose to stay in either North or South Tampa.

Luckily for those unfamiliar with the roads, Tampa is laid out on a pretty straight grid, so it's impossible to get lost for too long. Fair warning though: Between the tourists, work-related travel and snow birds, the roads can get pretty awful. So that's why I recommend picking a hotel in the heart of Tampa. Central Tampa is where the majority of the kid-friendly attractions are located, anyway.

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