New York Times says FarmVille players should try growing "actual plants"

new york times farmville
new york times farmville

FarmVille naysayers -- they're everywhere. They come in the form of Facebook friends who are tired of being spammed with game-related with quests on their wall, people who think games in general are a waste of time, and they also, apparently, write for The New York Times.

Over the weekend, The Gray Lady (my hometown newspaper) ran an editorial that talks about the surprise move made by Disney over the past two weeks: selling Miramax Films and buying social gaming company Playdom. It's certainly a point worth making, and the perfect way to launch into a larger article on how the movie industry is facing serious competition from all forms of media -- HBO, Showtime, Hulu, video games and, now, Facebook games. Instead, the article skips this conversation and jumps into hating on (for lack of a better term) FarmVille and social games in general.

Following are a few choice quotes from the piece:

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