Mafia Wars fan page contest: Enter to win an iPod or Mafia Wars swag

a gift for you
a gift for you

Over the weekend, Mafia Wars launched contest on its fan page, and you can enter to win an iPod or Mafia Wars swag through August 18. Sign up for the Mafia Wars fan page, and then keep your eyes peeled for a daily post that has 'Contest Day' in the title. Then, learn everything you need to do next in this post from Mafia Wars' community manager Victoria:

"In celebration of the Mafia Wars Armored Truck Blow-Up event (, we'll be hosting an additional mini sweepstakes on the Mafia Wars fan page!

Starting Saturday, August 14th and going through Aug 18th, be on the lookout for 5 updates to the official Mafia Wars fan page ( with "Contest Day" in the title (i.e.: "Contest Day 1"). When you see a post with this in the title, send an email to with "I wanna get 10 million to Las Vegas and help blow up the truck!" as the subject, and provide the following information: